Heating & Cooling Systems

As integral components of your vehicle’s overall performance, having a properly working heating and cooling is a must. Our team is here to help!

Like yin and yan, your heating and cooling systems are two essential components that affect the overall performance of your vehicle, while doing opposite tasks. 


The cool is responsible for regulating internal temperatures while the heating components help to maintain warmth from the heater core. When your vehicle experiences an issue with either, the cause often lies with fluid levels or the exhaust, however there are several other factors that can come into play as well. 


From car A/C repair to heating recharges, the experienced mechanics at D Nelson’s Auto Repair Shop are here to help! Don’t wait for the heat or the cold winter chill to settle in, call us today to schedule an appointment! Our experienced team will accurately diagnose and quickly resolve the issue to ensure you are driving in comfort and operating at optimal levels!

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